About the game

Are you a movie maniac. Version 2.0

It is a simple game where through fun and exciting way of playing you can check your current movie knowledge and extend it at the same time

Game rules: When you start a new game, on your screen will appear the question and 4 possible answers to choose. All you need to do is to guess right, which actor or actresses from the possible 4 answers.

While playing you can use help. There is three different ways to get help. "50:50" and "Swap" and "2 Shots", that you will find them located at the top of your screen.

Your knowledge will be awarded with well deserved medals. Score points and level points, that you will earn while playing and also will measure your further advancing in the game.

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Q : So you think you are a movie maniac ?

A : This Quiz is made just for you !